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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poptropica Friends

Poptropica will be releasing a new feature soon called Poptropica Friends. They haven’t provided very many details, but the basics are that you will be able to maintain a friends list of people that you meet or know in the game. You can add them as friends, share costumes and something they’re calling “game photos.”

You can share costumes and see profiles of your friends in the game. There’s also something called “personality pieces” which you get by answering quizzes each day. It looks really interesting. They did not announce when it will be available but there is a trailer video about the new feature here:

No matter how it works, being able to maintain a friends list in Poptropica will add a lot to the game and definitely make it more fun to hang out.

I noticed that the video was uploaded to YouTube over a month ago: March 7, 2012 but just went “live” today. So this is something that Poptropica has been planning for a long time but for whatever reason wasn’t ready to announce until now.

There is already a Friends feature on the top toolbar, but it is limited to adding a multiverse code. Based on sneak peeks and screenshots we’ve seen, it looks like this will be replaced with a new avatar icon and will have a lot more features.



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