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Friday, May 11, 2012

Is The Announcement Of Poptropolis Games Island Coming Tomorrow ?

Hey Poptropicans, if you read our article earlier in the day about the new Members-Only items from Poptropolis Games being released in Poptropica, you’ll realize that Poptropica is getting ready to announce the member release date of Poptropolis Games Island.

In the past, with Twisted Thicket, Vampire’s Curse Island and SOS Island, the island release usually comes a few days to 1 week after the release of these items, so we’re likely to see an announcement in the Poptropica blog tomorrow about the arrival of Poptropolis Games Island next week!

We’re not sure whether it’ll be released on Wednesday, May 16th or Thursday, May 17th, since the public release of Twisted Thicket surprised all of us coming on a Wednesday, May 2nd. It will likely be released in the afternoon Eastern US Time, as that has been the pattern lately. We’ll keep an eye on the announcement and we’re crossing our fingers for a public preview so that everyone can get a small taste of Poptropolis Games before the public release.

Are you Poptropicans excited?



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