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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Poptropica Trivia By Zippy Turtle

Did you know…in Greek mythology the minotaur’s name was Asterion?Every year King Minos captured prisoners from the surrounding islands and let them loose in the maze known as the Labyrinth where the half-man, half-bull Asterion would gobble them up.Possibly with a side of Fries.The hero Theseus pretended to be one of these sacrifices so he could get into the maze to kill the beast.As you know from Poptropica, the best way to get through a maze is with a ball of string trailing behind.The king’s daughter,Ariadne, gave Theseus his string so he could retrace his steps after he killed the Minotaur.And every one lived happily ever after.Well…except for Asterion.But that’s what he gets for being an evil, carnivorous man-bull.I wonder if Theseus put his head above his fireplace?

Mythology Island Minotaur

We have really learnt a lot about the Minotaur and some of Greek mythology from you Zippy Turtle!



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