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Monday, October 22, 2012

Super Villain Island Is Here !!!

Super Villain Island is now available to everyone in Poptropica!You just need to explore some of Poptropica's villains' dreams to acquire their token, so as to remove their evil.Once you obtain all tokens, Dr. Jupiter who is Zeus in Disguise, will collect them and would start destroying Poptropica.Eventually, you will start fighting Zeus and you must use Poseidon's trident to defeat him.After defeating him, Zeus will be put to sleep and you must explore his dream to remove his evil(This is Poptropica Members' bonus quest)and that's it!You can also see other Poptropicans' articles!

Super Villain Island is now available to everyone! 
(By Captain Crawfish)


Super Villain Island is now available for everyone to play! Visit Poptropica now to play Super Villain Island -- and see if you can withstand the journey to the heart of villainy!
Super Villain Island Is Here! 

(By Zippy Turtle)

Guess Who’s back!Super Villain Island has arrived for Poptropica Members and we’ve got the complete walkthrough!Check out our three-part video here or check out Part One below!



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