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Monday, April 15, 2013

The New And Improved Poptropica Forum!

Yes Poptropicans!A new Poptropica Forum is now open to everyone from 15 April 2013 at exactly 5.45 p.m on wards!Unlike the previous Poptropica Forum,where you can't chat with other people or comment or communicate,this forum is a hundred trillion times better than the old and ancient forum!By today,which is 15 April 2013,I will have the Poptropica Forum page on my drop down menu which just below my website's header which is: "The Poptropica Blog With Beefy Ring".Here are a few steps to how to use my new drop down menu and to get to other pages such as the Poptropica Forum:

Picture of drop down menu:

Here are the steps on how to get to my Poptropica Forum.Wait,this is too obvious isn't it?The Poptropica Forum page is just beside the home page!Nevertheless,I will still explain a bit.First,move your cursor/mouse over to the Poptropica Forum page and there will be three more boxes dropping down from the Poptropica Forum icon on the drop down menu.Click the Forum Home button.

And that's it!After that,you will redirected to The Poptropica Forum With Beefy Ring(this is the Poptropica Forum's header)and you can simply create a account in the Forum and start posting!Here are the pictures and the screenshots of the Poptropica Forum:

Main page of forum:

*Click the image to get a clearer view

How to register and create a account:

Just click the log in button to log in or click the register button to create your new account so that you can start posting immediately!

So that's it folks!The new forum is now updated successfully and you can comment,share,interact with others and also post!So what's going to happen to the old forum?

So Poptropicans,have fun with the new forum!



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