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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Next Island Has Been Announced !!!

The name of the next island in Poptropica has been announced and it will be called (just as we guessed) Poptropolis. Specifically, the name of the new island is Poptropolis Games. Of course, no details have yet been announced, like a launch date, but the creators have posted a sneak peek video and you can watch it here.

The island will have an Olympics theme, set to coincide with the real Summer Olympics this year. You’ll compete as part of a “tribe” in a series of events modeled after the ancient (rather than modern) Olympics. It looks like the storyline will involve an ancient city rising up from below the ocean, similar to Atlantis. Other than that, very little else is known. Keep visiting this page for all the cheats for Poptropolis Games as they are revealed.

Poptropolis Games Screenshots

Based on images posted in the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop over the past several weeks, we can put together some guesses as to what events and competitions will be part of the Poptropolis Games. Take a look for yourself!

Balloon Boy

City Limits

Three Cheers

…And here’s a video of screenshots compiled from the sneak peeks archive.

Poptropolis Games Trivia

Did you know that Poptropolis was probably one of the original names for Poptropica? The domain name is owned by Pearson Education, the company that publishes Poptropica and it appears they’ve owned the name since 2007, when Poptropica was launched. Right now, if you type in, it just goes to Poptropica itself. So this name has probably been an idea there for a while. Some readers have also pointed out that some of the original Poptropica Wallpaper images featured the same “ancient statues” that never appeared until now…when Poptropolis Games was announced!



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