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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poptropica Mysteries Part 2

Poptropica Mysteries - Monster Carnival Island

A long time ago, in a Poptropica far, far away, there was once a plan to launch an island called Monster Carnival Island. It even appeared on the map as coming soon in 2008. But before it launched, it disappeared completely and was replaced with 24 Carrot Island. Since then, Poptropica players have often wondered what became of Monster Carnival Island.

The Poptropica Creators made one quick reference to it in the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop. In February of 2011, a sketch called, The Wayback Machine appeared and referenced a long-rumored, never completed island. It featured a carnival setting inside a tent with a ringleader and a crowd. The caption for the sketch gave us our first real clue of why Monster Carnival Island never appeared: it simply wasn’t finished.

Sketch of Monster Carnival Island

There have been lots of monster themed items and events in the game since the island mysteriously came and went, but there have not been any attempts to revive it, even despite a petition to bring it back. There was briefly hopes that it would return when strange monster screenshots turned up in Daily Pop and on the Creators blog, but those turned out to be for Cryptids Island. Will we ever see Monster Carvival Island? Only time will tell. Until then, it remains a Poptropica Mystery.


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  1. Did you know that Mythology is being Recreated?
    Now it..
    -has music
    -easier Aqueduct
    That is as far as i know!