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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Puzzle In Twisted Thicket Island At The Sacred Tree

There is a mysterious puzzle on that tree itself and Beefy Ring knows it really well.This is the right order to place the runes orderly.First, place the Lesovyk Rune,next place the Kobold rune,after that,place the Jotunn Rune,then,place the Nackrosor Rune,and lastly place the Dokkalfar Rune.You can figure out how to place the runes by looking at the Sacred Tree itself.

This is what the puzzle meant.The acorn grows into a seedling and becomes an adult plant.Then,it grows fruits and lastly,it is being cut down.Please take note we all should save the Earth because it is our only home.Your houses are not your home.The Earth is!!We're the ones living here.To beautify this place, there are trees and flowers.So,don't destroy our trees!Earth is important!

        The Sacred Tree 



  1. I was in the middle of stopping the contsuction people and i had to close it out. I forgot to click the give up button, and it last saved my data in the sacred tree. the queen transported me the first time but now shes stone, I have no other way to get out :( what should I do???

  2. There are two ways to get out of the forest,just go around the place when you enter the sacred tree and you will know.This is what happened to me too.