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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Word From Captain Crawfish ...

I've been having a blast making new friends on Poptropica. I wanted to introduce you to a cool person I'm following:

Tiny Crush has an awesome outfit, has never cheated on a test, and has completed 25 Poptropica Islands! (Not Vampire's Curse, though -- what's up with that?)

It's great to know Tiny Crush, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else he gets up to in Poptropica. Maybe you can meet Tiny Crush, or even the Poptropica Creators, by visiting the common rooms on Poptropica. No matter who is there, we guarantee you'll be making some new friends!

My comment: I bet Tiny Crush doesn't have the best costume;Dangerous Belly does!Here,take a look at his costume:

Isn't his costume cool!By the way this is my opinion.If you like Tiny Crush's costume,I have no offence on you.


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