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Monday, April 8, 2013

Well Done For Top 10 Poptropicans In Back Lot Island...

Poptropicans have really been wonderful actors/actresses in this island!However,only some Poptropicans have finished the film in a jiffy!So here are,the top 10 finishers for Back Lot Island!Action!

Non-members do not worry!The top 10 non-members list for Back Lot Island will be up here soon!


I have been noticing that I can kick start a competition for the Poptropica's Tribes!This is how the competition works!Here's how:

For all the top 10 finishers for an island list,(eg. Back Lot Island),the tribe names for each Poptropican is written down just below their name.

The competition in this is that the top 5 Poptropicans to finish an island, be it the Poptropicans in members list or the non-members list,points will be given to the tribe that the Poptropican is in this order:The first person to complete the island will be given 5 points to there tribe while the fifth person to complete it will get only one point for his while the rest won't get anything.

First person gets 5,second 4,third 3 and so on in decreasing order.This competition will begin from the release of the list for top 10 finishers for Back Lot Island.

So,there are two Poptropicans in the same tribe which is Black Flags, who have achieved the first prize and second prize for finishing Back Lot Island.Hence,the Black Flags tribe has 9 points!Woah!Now do you get this competition?Good!

And,this point system is also used for competitions in this blog for contests such as Rare Costume Contests and more!

Therefore,we are going to create the Poptropica Tribes page in this blog.You can access this page to find which tribe is in the lead by checking the points that the tribe has earned!

So Poptropicans,good luck helping your tribe!



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