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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hints to find the ghosts in poptropica

Headless Horseman
You’ll find the Headless Horseman in the Factory area on 24 Carrot Island. The Factory is just to the right of Main Street, where you arrive.

Sweet William’s Ghost
Sweet William’s Ghost is on Main Street, just as you arrive on Shrink Ray Island. Walk to the right to the school entrance and you’ll spot him.

The Bell Witch
The Bell Witch is haunting Wild West Island. She’s inside the Trading Post, which is a few
buildings to the right from where your blimp arrives on Main Street.

You’ll find Deogen on Steamworks Island. He’s inside the Steamworks Center and Museum, which is a building right on Main Street. Once you get inside, head to the right and look for him up in the air above you.

The Brown Lady
The Brown Lady is on Skullduggery Island, land of the pirates. She floats around the Main Street area of Fort Ridley. It’s easiest to catch her when she passes by the ground level.



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