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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Next Top 5 Poptropicans Selected For Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest!

It took the staff of this website a long long time to select and decide which Poptropica deserves his/her chance to go to the next round which is the Semi-Finals!Quarter Finals are over and there are only 10 Poptropicans spot selected to the Semi-Finals!Here are the next top 5 Poptropicans for the Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest!*Cheering Music Please!

Click the image.

Congratulations Poptropicans!Your costumes were rare enough to become the cream of the crop among the other Poptropicans!Well done!And,thank you so much for taking part in my competition!Hope you would do good for the Semi-Finals!

I have mentioned that only 10 Poptropicans would go to the Semi-Finals!Here are the next 5 Poptropicans that have been featured in my blog earlier a few days ago!

 Click the image.

So here are the 10 Poptropicans going to the Semi-Finals.Poptropicans,I wish you all the best in the Semi-Finals!Good luck!