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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Poptropica Books !!!

This summer, two more illustrated novels based on your favorite Poptropica Islands will be making their way into stores! Here's a quick look.


Lunar Colony: What starts as a boring family vacation becomes an out-of-this-world adventure when 13-year-old Glen Johns is accidentally blasted to the moon. On the lunar surface, he'll search for a missing astronaut, find the source of a mysterious transmission, and uncover a secret as old as the stars.

Cryptids Island: When Annie Perkins learns of a million-dollar prize for finding proof of the existence of legendary monsters like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, it seems like the perfect way to save her family's restaurant. But as the competition heats up, Annie will have to deal with a different kind of monster -- a ruthless fortune hunter named Gretchen Grimlock!

The stories of these Poptropica books sounds similar to the ones of the stories in Lunar Colony Island and Cryptids Island respectively.Hope they would be nice!Also read other Poptropica books such as Mad Libs!
Both of these books will be available on August 1.
You can also check other illustrated novels such as Astro-Knights Island and Skullduggery Island now!



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