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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest!

The Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest (APRCC) will be held annually for at least two times on any day of the year!Please take part by showing off your tremendous costume and tailoring skills here with your Poptropican!To take part in this contest,follow these steps:

First,Go to Avatar Studios in Poptropica.

avatar studio

Then,type your username on this bar at the avatar studio and press load.

After doing that step,your poptropican will be revealed to you.Just press print screen button on the top right hand corner of your key-board.

Next,open any app in your computer that allows you to open photos or paste them.In my case,I would use an app that is: Paint.By the way, you can find the app,Paint,by clicking the START button,then clicking All Programs and clicking Accessories.In the accessories,you can find Paint.

Simply go to the Paint app and press Ctrl and v together simultaneously(at the same time).There your screenshot will be shown.Save your work and send your Paint work(the screenshot you've taken) to for your entry of your poptropican to be chosen for the contest.Be sure to costumize your poptropican before uusing the Avatar Studio!

Example of a screenshot at Paint app:

Press Ctrl and v at the same time for this to happen after pressing printscreen button:

This is an example of a screenshot.Save this and send to to send in your entry for the contest!


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  1. Hi Poptropicans,

    you can no longer enter your entries of your Poptropican to as the dateline for sending your entry is over.But,you can still join another contest which coming soon to this blog!The sneak peeks will be up soon!Good luck!

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