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Saturday, March 30, 2013

You Would Want These Balloons And Also Need Them

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Poptropica has good and bad news. The good news is: They've surpassed 500,000 page views on their LEGO CUUSOO project page. The bad news is: they still haven't reached the halfway mark of 5,000 supporters.

So, no more Dr. Nice Bunny. It's time to bring out the jumbo-sized carrots. Last week they told us about a special prize they'd be handing out when and if they reach 5,000 supporters.

But you all played hardball. And you know what? One special prize isn't enough. That's why, once Poptropica reaches 5,000 supporters, They'll be giving out two special prizes.

That's right, they'll give away the Dr. Hare Deluxe Balloon and the Insignia Deluxe Balloon just as soon as the 5,000th person signs on to support Dr. Hare's Lair at LEGO CUUSOO!

Can you be the one to help Poptropica reach this goal? Don't do it for them, or for the thousands of other Poptropicans who would love a couple of free balloons. Do it for yourself. You deserve something nice.

Please vote for the Lego Cuusoo NOW!Remember,to vote,you must be 13 years old!Have fun!

Here is what Poptropica Creators comment about this:

Poptropica is all about creativity. As the creators of Poptropica, we can’t imagine a better partner than LEGO to bring the world of Poptropica off the screen and into your hands. That’s why we’re asking you to help make a LEGO Poptropica project a reality.

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Our proposed set is a LEGO version of Dr. Hare’s Lair. It features all of the details you remember from your encounter with the evil genius Dr. Hare on one of our earliest Poptropica adventures, 24 Carrot Island.

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The entrance to Dr. Hare’s Lab features a security camera and sliding door to ensure that only authorized bunny drones can enter Dr. Hare’s Lair. The Command Console includes satellite antenna, swivel chair, supercomputer, and, of course, extra carrots for those mid-afternoon snack attacks.

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The Giant Rabbot is a massive, space-faring attack bunny that is just crying out to enslave the minds of 24 Carrot Island’s citizens. The Giant Rabbot includes flick-fire missiles, movable head, arms and ears, and even space for a passenger – perhaps one wearing a pink bunny suit...

This is just the beginning. The possibilities are endless. You can help make LEGO Poptropica happen. Vote for this project!

Thank you so much for these comments Poptropica Creators!Thank you for creating such a wonderful Poptropica Lego Toy just for Dr.Hare!~Beefy Ring

Well,so far there are 3972 supporters and there are 514 116 views as of 30 March 2013 for this Lego project!How cool!



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