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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Wonder why I wrote/typed this post in green and not in brownish-gold?Yes!Earth Day!So,are you an energy hog on this day?Hope you're not one!Do you conserve energy efficiently or you just let it be stayed on for a long time?Do you save water?Do you follow the three Rs which are: Reduce,Reuse and Recycle?And most of all,do you want to save the Earth,our only home?!Yes?Then, you can!Beefy Ring and the staff team of this blog can help you now by giving some imperative tips on how to save our planet!

Firstly,lets have our top female villain and the also the creator of Poptropica,Black Widow!Black Widow please!

Today is Earth Day. It’s a great time to stop and think about what we can each do to help preserve the environment that we depend on for so much.One way you can learn to do that is by playing the free mini-quest available in the Poptropica Store, “Don’t Be an Energy Hog.” Find out how to save electricity and reduce your carbon footprint — and stop other energy hogs in their tracks! Just visit the Poptropica Store and grab this free Gold Card.On Poptropica, it’s all fun and games, but in your everyday life you can do your part to minimize energy use.

  1.     Power down electronics when you’re done with them
  2.     Unplug chargers when you’re not charging something
  3.     Turn off power strips at the end of the day

It’s just that easy to help make sure that we all get to live on a happy, healthy planet!

Thank you so much Black Widow!So, lets celebrate Earth Day by kick starting the event by posting some good pictures!Here they are:

 Please click the images.Thank you!


I hope you like these pictures very much!And also,you can play the Earth Day mini adventure game at Poptropica!If you want to get this adventure,go to the Poptropica Store and search for:

Once you enter the mini adventure,go into the house like so:

Then finish the adventure and you're done!And also,here are some Earth Day costumes that you might want to look at:


This costume looks a bit like Mother Nature isn't it?

There are some more costumes but we only added these.Note:these costumes will be added to the Poptropica Costumes page!

Therefore Poptropicans,I would like to end off by saying that Earth is our only home so far but that doesn't mean that we will go to another planet if Earth is in bad conditions!Like we treat our houses,we should also treat Earth,our home like our houses!Thank you!Our staff members and I will be commenting tips on conserving.Thanks for your notice!



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