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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

News Flash,Is The Story Of Virus Hunter Solved?

We think that we could solve the whole story of the upcoming Virus Hunter Island.Well if you don't know about this island,Virus Hunter Island isn't revealed to public yet whether it is going to be released to members soon or not yet!The information about this island isn't even published in the Poptropica Creator's Blog yet!We know that this island might come as a Poptropica's artist revealed some information about this peculiar island in his blog.

 But,if you could see,what you will be seeing in the sneak peeks of Poptropica at The Daily Pop will make you throw up and feel disgusted!But,did you forget about one sneak peek?You don't know what is it?I will show and not tell it to you.

Okay,lets cut the chase and come to the point!Here is the sneak that is a very big clue to the Virus Hunter Island!

Here is the sneak peek that you were dying for!


Alright,I know that the picture is quite small.Why don't you just click it to enlarge it?

Now,let me tell you the predictions for this sneak peek!You could see that the things in this rubbish are clues and hints to the story of the upcoming Virus Hunter Island!

Here are the predictions!

§  There is a Poptropican man named Joe Stockman
§  Joe lives in Virus Hunter Island (the cards say so)
§  He won a trip abroad (travel rating card) and (“You Won!” envelope)
§  On his trip abroad, he acquired a foreign disease
§  It is our job to cure that disease(I think we will be shrunk and be sent into his body.)
§  The common room could be Bob’s Place Barbeque (coupon)
§  Lastly, maybe the disease isn’t a real disease… what if it’s… nanobots or some sort micro robots?

For the last prediction,we have evidences to show you that the disease Joe has acquired wasn't real and it could be an attack from a swarm of micro/nano bots!To show you the evidences here are the pictures:




Secondly,we all know that Joe Stockman's house looks like this:


Notice the caption, “A Spartan existence for an average Joe.” nice word play creators,but you can't fool us for now!

Lastly,Nasan Hardcastle drew and posted Poptropican characters for Virus Hunter Island.Notice that the header of the picture is named Virus Hunter.

Look!Isn't Joe in the picture too?

And one more thing!There is a Video Store Clerk in the picture right?So we can connect this sneak peek picture of a video store in Virus Hunter Island to this picture that Nasan Hardcastle drew!

Here it is!


Woah,these evidences tell me that Virus Hunter Island is indeed going to arrive soon in Poptropica!For now,lets be patient ask our staff member Brave Claw to investigate more about this island.Stay tuned!



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