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Saturday, May 4, 2013

10,000 Views And Counting!(Earn Free Poptropica Accounts Through This Event!)

This is Beefy Ring here Poptropicans!Sorry for the late interruption and notice,our blog has finally reached 10,000 views!So far,there is a total page views of 10,070 views!In just three days,my blog's page views went up by 200 views,which is quite a huge amount for us!Since we have 10,000 views,lets celebrate the day by running up a cool contest,in which you can earn free,rare and exclusive Poptropica accounts!For more information,stay tuned!

This competition is a huge event in this blog that is going to take place.We will announce the finalists for APRCC which Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest and give you more mysteries of Poptropica!So stay tuned!

Please, oh please note all of this for this amazing event!

  1. This event lasts for a month
  2. 10-15 accounts will be given away for free in an upcoming contest,in two weeks time!
  3. Before that,the finalists for the Annual Poptropica Rare Costume Contest will be revealed!
  4. The first ever Lucky Pop Draw(Lucky Draw) and the Scavenger Hunt competitions will be started and conducted!
  5. More instructions and steps to follow will soon be revealed here!
  6. When entering your contest,please add your Poptropican's picture's link at the comment box!(More steps and guides will be shown to you soon by our two staff members,Grumpy Fish and Slippery Crush!)


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