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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poptropica review from March 3-9

Last week is the release of Vampire's Curse island in Poptropica!It’s been another busy week for Poptropica fans everywhere, kicked off with last week’s release of Vampire’s Curse Island. Members can play the full island right now and non-members can access a limited demo. It’s a scary and spooky island quest to play, but also lots of fun. Paid members also get a nice bonus quest at the end.
Poptropica Dryad
A dryad from an upcoming Poptropica Island

The Poptropica Creators also showed off a tiny picture of a little flying creature that will be part of the next Poptropica Island. The filename is dryad.gif, so we know the island will have something to do with faeries, dryads and other woodland creatures. This is backed up by a large number of screenshots showing up in the sneak peek section of Daily Pop, all featuring a tiny woodland scene, complete with toadstools, trees and more. It also appears it will have a scandinavian theme. A lot of the signs seem to have either Norwegian or Swedish (I can’t tell which!) words and names. One of the stores that will appear on Main Street is called Björn’s Smörgåsbord. Another screenshot shows a sign in the woods that warns, Beware of the Nøkken.
The Nøkken is a dangerous and manipulative creature from Norwegian folklore. He lives in the rivers and waters and can appear as either a beautiful maiden or a handsome young man with a fiddle. He would lure unsuspecting people close to the water and then capture them. A Smörgåsbord is a traditional Scandinavian feast served buffet style with lots of different dishes.
Beyond those clues and the sneak peeks in Daily Pop, we don’t know much more (yet) about the new island. But I think we’ll hear more very soon! 



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