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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh My god In Poptropica Part 3

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we’re still reporting on two of the Valentines for Villains dates from earlier this week. As you know, we voted on a date for the Binary Bard (a.k.a. Mordred). As one of the most feared and powerful Poptropica Villains, he was having a tough time finding someone to take out on the big day. Poptropica sent him on a date with the Black Widow, and equally fearsome villain and surely a match.

The decision was to have them enjoy a Valentine’s Day picnic on Poseidon’s Beach in Mythology Island. Read on for a look at how things went.

Binary Bard was a little reluctant to attend at first, not knowing how it would go. But he arrived on-time at the beach and Black Widow followed soon after. The sight of two super-villains appearing sent most of the regular beach-goers scrambling, leaving the area just to them. Unfortunately, neither Mordred or the Black Widow really dressed for the occasion. The Binary Bard, with his metallic cyborg face and jester suit doesn't make many beach trips, and the Black Widow prefers dark and secluded places.

They got along well, but the date wasn’t very romantic. The sun kept reflecting off Mordred’s metallic face into the Black Widow’s eyes and neither one of them seemed particularly interested in partaking in any beach frolicking. Instead, the conversation quickly turned to their favorite topic: world domination. They decided to quickly abandon the date and retire to the darker and more mysterious confines of the secret underground headquarters of Mordred’s cult. There, they spent the entire night plotting a new takeover of Poptropica. Kind of romantic in a villainous sort of way, don’t you think?



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