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Friday, April 27, 2012

Polly Pocket And Pirates Ads Walkthroughs

It turns out that girls can do both advertisement quests. Girls rule! Boys drool!So what ?!!Boys/men were the ones who found Poptropica!!In your face girls! If you have a girl character, you’ll see Polly Pocket on some island (Early Poptropica, for example) and the Pirates advertisement on others (Shark Tooth).

There are two advertisement missions running right now on Poptropica. As far as I can tell, one is available to boy characters and one is available to girl characters. The one for girls is Polly Pocket and the one for boys is for the upcoming movie, The Pirates! – Band of Misfits. Here are all the Poptropica cheats and secrets for both advertisement missions.

The Pirates! – Band of Misfits

In this ad mission, you need to help the pirates sink another ship and claim its treasure. The mission is taken nearly straight from Skullduggery Island. In the game, you navigate your ship using the mouse to aim and fire your cannons and the spacebar to drop and raise anchor. Just seek out the other ship on the mini-map and avoid the giant sea monster and you’ll be fine. The other ship doesn’t fire back, so it’s very easy to win this one. The rewards include a pirate captain costume for boys, a Cutlass Liz costume for girls, and a Polly follower (a bird).Here is the video.

Polly Pocket Surfing

In the Polly Pocket ad mission, you choose a swim suit and a surf board and then play a quick mini-game where you have to jump over obstacles in the water and score 2,000 points. Once you do, you win the game and get the prizes, which include the Polly Pocket swim outfit and the Polly Pocket Polly Power. The swim outfit looks a lot like the Mythology Surfer outfits from the store, where you get a swimsuit and a surfboard. The Polly Power lets you give any other Poptropican the “Best Day Ever.” You kind of have to see it in action to understand. Give the video a quick peek:

Poptropica Polly Pocket Advertisement



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