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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poptropica Friends Is Coming Soon !!! Part 4

There is another feature about Poptropica Friends that really cool and I hope you would like that.It is that Poptropicans get to have a costume closet which allows Poptropicans to have costumes to keep for themselves and they can even copy some of their friends costumes!!This is really cool like the Poptropica Album.Here take a look at the costume closet article.

We can admit that we're not perfect. One thing Poptropica is missing right now is an easy way to save the best costumes that you've put together. With Poptropica Friends, that will no longer be the case!

Another new feature with Poptropica Friends is the Costume Closet, which allows Members to store up to 30 unique costumes at a time. Not only that, but you can look through your friends' closets and borrow their best costume ideas, as well.

There you have it! The days of putting together a spectacular costume and then having to get rid of it are almost over.



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