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Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Blog Now Has 1000 Views !!!

Yes!!This blog has 1000 views!!Beefy Ring and his team are very happy about this achievement!!Thank you Poptropicans for seeing this blog,thanks a lot!To congratulate this achievement,we are having the first ever treasure hunt which is started by Busy Seagull.This is Busy Seagull(Please call him Captain Busy Seagull):

Y-arr mattiys!!Here are the things that you need to find for the hunt:

1)The skull mask at Legendary Swords Quest.

2)The Zombify Costume at Haunted House Quest.

3)The Ice Arrow.(I won't tell you where it is find out for yourselves!!)

Ice Arrow

4)Opuntia Fruit(Find out for yourselves!!)

Opuntia Fruit

That is all you need to find.Once you have found all of these items,take a screen shot of the items by pressing print screen SysRq button.Then, you paste the photos one by one on an application called Paint.So in all I should receive 4 Paint applications.Send the applications to, the first 5 to send their photos with their Poptropica username will have their Poptropican's photo in this blog!!So,happy treasure hunting!!



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