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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A True Mystery For The Upcoming Island

Poptropica Mysteries - Monster Carnival Island

What's the next Island after Twisted Thicket? It’s definitely a Greek-inspired Olympic themed island. My guess at the name is…ready for it? Poptropolis Island and I think it’s actually a modern-day island where they re-create the ancient Greek version of the Olympic Games. Here are a few clues from the sneak peeks:

City Limits

In the above image, the name of the city is clearly Poptropolis, which is of course a play on words for Poptropica and the ancient Greek suffix of “opolis”, meaning city. You know how a big city is called a Metropolis–yeah, that’s ancient Greek. So could the new island be called Poptropolis? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s a good name.

The creators even snuck in a Balloon Boy reference into the sneak peeks, with this picture of some hot air balloons. The title was Balloon Boy but the caption seems to indicate we won’t see our intrepid traveller on the island, which is too bad. I miss Balloon Boy!
Speaking of Balloon Boy Watch the next post Which is about mysteries in Poptropica.

Balloon Boy



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