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Monday, June 15, 2015

Modifiers...And...Grand Re-opening?

This blog has finally come to its last stage of maintenance ever since the maintenance of this site had started about two years ago.Well you might be thinking 2 years just for a blog maintenance?Well the problem is man power.Yep, I alone work on this blog currently, updating it together with my YouTube Channel as well handling my school work and my music classes which makes it really hard for me to blog these days compared to the past, 3-4 years ago.So you might again be asking this in your mind how did I got time to post this. Well, its the school holidays here and despite  camps, a lot of home work and projects, I finally managed to blog today.Hurray!

So do expect blog posts here and then.I know I must have lost quite a number of audience(you guys!) due to a lack of time as well as a low feed in the long run and I really regret that. Beefy Ring is indeed back playing and recording footage of game plays! Posts about Poptropica will be kept minimum as you can see, people age.I will add any one who is willing to help me with posting Poptropica-related posts in this blog itself and that help would be appreciated sincerely!

So yes guys I am back and I will do my very best to replicate the time where this blog had regular posts!

Oh by the way, did I forget to say that new pages are coming up?

Yours sincerely,

Beefy Ring.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blog Update

Hello there! Thanks or visiting this blog and I know that there was rarely a post here recently, and what I am going to claim and say today is that there is a lot of maintenance is going on for creating new pages for games like Team Fortress 2, Sid Meier's Civilization 5 & Starbound which caused a lot of time constraint for me and hindered my posting.

These pages together with about 10 posts will be coming soon to this blog so please do have some patience and we really appreciate you if help us wait just for a few days for this to be done. 

Next, I would like to say that posts and updates will only be published and posted only on WEEKENDS ONLY! We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you our supports, viewers! But special or exclusive posts will be published on weekdays,so once again thanks for viewing, any helpful comments are appreciated!

Do check out my YouTube channel in the meantime with a lot of entertaining videos to watch! Just Check it out!

Here's the link: (Click the link below)

Beefy Ring Channel.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


I am really sorry guys for the inactivity that I have caused for like over 4 MONTHS! I was working and maintaining my blog as well as my YouTube Gaming Channel, BUT guess what! I am going to make some changes to this blog! 


The blog designs and everything will be same, just that I was busy with things I had recently like exams that I had recently that hindered me from posting, So yeah enjoy! Here are more POPTROPICA POSTS!

With regards,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Go to Beefy Ring's Youtube Channel Now!

Beefy Ring has officially opened his YouTube gaming channel! 
To visit,click here: 


You can request for any videos related to Poptropica and steam games that I play (like Starbound) that you want! Hurry now, start subscribing!

At some point of time i will be uploading channel update videos in which you can win prizes from me!

In the video itself there will be quizzes and the first person to comment the answer's will be the winner!

So stay tuned!

Your subscription and support is mostly appreciated!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poptropolis Extras

To celebrate the impending return of the Poptropolis Games, we've put together a couple of new freebies for you.
You can get your Poptropolis Games 2013 desktop wallpaper and printable poster absolutely free! Just click on over to the Poptropolis Games info page and claim your free Island extras.

Keep an eye out for more news about the raising of the Games!

We hope you would like the poster as well as the wallpaper!

Astronomy For Poptropica


If you haven't noticed, Poptropica is on a bit of an astronaut kick around here. That's because Poptopics: Space Travel has hit the stores on October 17 2013!
This non-fiction book explores the real-life facts that inspired some of our best Islands, like Lunar Colony and Astro-Knights. Get ready to find out the answers to your burning questions about the cosmos.

Questions like:

  • How old is the universe?
  • Where do black holes come from?
  • How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?
For all this incredible info and more, check out Poptopics: Space Travel now!

If you love Astronomy like me, better get this book now!

Wanna buy this book?Click this:  Poptopics: Space Travel

Monday, October 21, 2013

Virus Hunter Island Guide Now Available

Are you stuck on Virus Hunter Island? Can't find Patient Zero? Need a little help figuring out how to zap the brain virus? You're in luck! The Virus Hunter Island Walkthrough is now available in the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app.

That's not all -- the latest, timely update also includes a full Walkthrough for Back Lot Island. As always, every guide in this app is absolutely FREE to download.

Good luck destroying all the viruses in Virus Hunter Island with this guide!